Hail Damage? We can help with your DEDUCTIBLE!

At Texhoma Dent Repair we know Mother Nature doesn't always strike at the most economical times. Texhoma Dent Repair is currently offering DEDUCTIBLE ASSISTANCE up to $500.00 on retail hail damage repairs. We are not your 'traditional" body shop. … [Read more]

It’s your choice who repairs your vehicle NOT your insurance…

One thing we keep hearing after every hail storm is that people think that they have to take their vehicles to be repaired where their insurance tells them to go. This is a misconception that many insurance companies dont explain very well. The fact … [Read more]

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair, also referred to as PDR has several benefits over conventional body shop methods. You are probably asking what is conventional methods. They consist of grinding the the dent, working the metal then filling with a filler(bondo). … [Read more]

How to Choose a Repair Shop In Southwest Oklahoma

If your car or truck has damage and you're trying to decide who to take it to, here are some things to consider... How long has the repair shop been in business? Who will be doing the actual work on your car? Is the quality of their work … [Read more]

Do You Need a Body Shop in Southwest Oklahoma?

If your car or truck has minor damage, you may be asking yourself, "Do I need a body shop to fix my car or is there a cheaper option?" In many cases, the answer is that there is a cheaper option, and it's called "Paintless Dent Repair," or PDR for … [Read more]