About David Tollett, Owner of Texhoma Dent Repair

943117_4877245416143_2100650283_nFor over 20 years, David Tollett has been meticulously repairing automobile dents and dings throughout Southwest Oklahoma utilizing a fast and affordable process called “paintless dent repair” or PDR for short.  David and his wife Carey own the only standalone PDR shop in Lawton,  Texhoma Dent Repair, located on Lee Blvd. just east of Sheridan. David has been doing this for so long, that chances are if you had your vehicle repaired in the Lawton area for hail damage, he is the person who actually repaired it. That is because up until about 5 years ago, David was contracting out to all the dealerships and body shops in the Lawton area. David and his family felt that time had come to quit building reputations for other businesses and build one for his own. That is when they opened the very first retail, stand-alone paintless dent repair shop in Lawton. As storms come and go, so do the “storm chasers”; but we are not a “fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants” company like the storm chasers and we are there when the storm chasers are gone. Often it is after the storm chasers are gone that you realize you have problems, such as a leaking sunroof. Then what do you do? At Texhoma Dent Repair we are always here if a problem should arise.

“My goal is always to fix your car right, in the least amount of time and save you the most amount of money possible.”

David grew up in Walters, about 25 miles from Lawton.  After graduating in 1986, he started working in body shops, and in 1996, he went to school to learn the art of paintless dent repair and began his business in Lawton.  David and Carey live in Lawton and have three children together and two grandchildren.